ProfiShape double-end tenoner: Now also from WEINIG

Double-end tenoners are the “all-rounders” among wood processing machines. It can easily deal with longitudinal and transverse profiling in the through feed. The work pieces are conveyed past the various processing units on a chain conveyor. In this process, the work pieces are held by top pressure and pressed onto the reference surface, the chain conveyor. As a result the work pieces are always processed with the visible side downward;

The ProfiShape easily masters various work steps, such as tongue and groove, trimming, scoring and machining. They can process the work pieces from solid wood, wooden composites and other material to be machined on the double-end tenoner. Just talk to us. We will equip your ProfiShape according to your requirements!

The benefits of the ProfiShape are obvious:

  • Longitudinal and transverse processing in one line;
  • Many different materials can be processed using the double-end tenoner.
  • Tongue and groove profiling of lamella;
  • Angle and/or bevel cuts;
  • High precision in the profiles to be used
  • High level of repetition precision;
  • Short setup times;
  • Adapted tool hoods for optimal removal of shavings and reduction of energy costs

WEINIG Double-end tenoner

WEINIG Doppelendprofiler

Frequency controlled feed speed 8 - 40 m/min (optional 80 m/min)

  • Optimum shaping quality
  • High-level productivity and profitability
  • Flexible areas of application
  • Outstanding user-friendliness
  • Can be optimally integrated into system solutions
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