WEINIG Single board lines: The pinnacle of the long timber sector

The HS series is a horizontal finger jointing line constructed as a modular system and is designed in conjunction with your performance and wood feed lengths.
Scoring units below and above ensure the best quality.
Gluing can be done as comb gluing but also contact-free before the pressing.

As a result of the individual panel shaping, the VS series can cover a very wide range of lengths.
The vertical single panel line in the high-performance sector for plywood and laminated timber.

All machines

WEINIG HS 2000 - 6000

A new generation of long timber horizontal finger jointing lines

  • Material savings: No height offset for horizontal joints
  • Flexibility Short and long timbers can be processed after each other
  • All current types of glue can be used.
  • Possible to use front-end, cycle, extrusion and through-feed presses
  • Scoring units above and below enable every horizontal profile.
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WEINIG VS 200 / 300

High-performance line for vertical profiles

  • High quality: Each lamella is individually aligned and clamped on four sides
  • Material yield: Short infeed lengths can be processed
  • Flexible length range: VS 200: 300-3200 mm / 150 pieces, VS 300: 600-6200 mm / 70 pieces
  • Shaper capacity: up to 150 pieces / min
  • Capacity of the press: up to 180 (200) m/min

WEINIG single panel lines offer you

  • Every work piece is individually aligned and processed.
  • High-performance lines for capacities up to 180 (200) m/min.
  • With automatic feeding system and stacking solutions