An example of multi-layer panel production - using WEINIG system solutions

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Manufactured to the highest standard technically, multi-layer panels combine the character of natural wood with the benefits of panel materials in terms of dimensional stability. The application spectrum ranges from decorative furniture production and paneling for timber house construction, such as walls, ceilings and roof panels, to plane load-bearing structures in timber constructional engineering.

Multi-layer panels

Our system solution

We can provide you with perfectly harmonized production lines – that match your required capacity levels and investment:

  1. Material feeding and four-sided planing
  2. Optimizing cutting
  3. Gluing into blocks more
  4. Stacking of glued blocks
  5. Destack of boards or blocks
  6. Four-sided planing and cleaving more
  7. Lamella assessment and sorting
  8. Joint gluing of cover and middle layers more
  9. Feeding of cover and middle layers
  10. Surface gluing of layers into multi-layer panels
  11. Two-sided correction of timber defects
  12. Stacking of multi-layer panels
  13. Longitudinal and transverse formatting
  14. Calibration and fine grinding of finished panels

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