Planning and Engineering: Turning your ideas into solutions

WEINIG combines machines and system with complete production lines. With the best results.

  • You receive an innovative, cost-efficient and expandable production concept with coordinated productive capacity and optimum material flows - taking your spatial requirements into consideration. Suited to all performance capacities and all levels of investment.
  • The machines and system components are selected based on technical and financial factors from the extensive WEINIG Group range and from trusted partners. Customer components and supplementary equipment are also taken into consideration upon request.
  • We assume responsibility for the entire order processing for the system - including ordering, delivery, assembly and handover.
  • We provide interface management, create the necessary detailed drawings, ensure that schedules, budgets and quality are maintained and create the project documentation.
  • Our site manager and our assembly technicians are also on-site in the ramping up phase to provide production support.
  • We organize supplementary training and technical support.